Second Life Projects

These are the projects I have so far.

If your avatar’s name is not on this list, contact me immediately so that I can get Dr. Flowers to assign you a space.  You should be working very hard on this project in the next two weeks.

Right now, you should be putting together an annotated bibliography of at least five sources for your project, and going on second life to find some resources to use in your project by using the “search” function.  For example, if you require a house, please search “free houses” in the search box and see if you can find an appropriate house for your project.  You can always modify the texture, etc. of the house once you have it up.

If you will need furniture or pictures, or you are planning to build some stuff, please make sure you get into the lab during the hours that our avatar staff can help you (after 2 p.m.).  You can check with the front desk for who is working, and when they are working.

Good luck everyone!

Dr. K


Bilal WonderState of the Black Family

Building a “typical” 1965 era black home with different aspects of black family inside. This student will start this project and provide a place for future students to continue the project. He would like a small outdoor plot where he can position a small house.

Anngoul ArabelloBand Societies at Historically Black Colleges and Universities[m1]

She would like to make a presentation space with pictures, history, and significance of band societies in general.  This is a continuing project with room for future students to contribute.  She needs a display space.

Chantel MagnificoBand Organization Tau Beta Sigma

This will be a more specifically focused project under the “Band Societies at HBCU.”  She will focus on the history, traditions, and significance of Tau Beta Sigma at HBCUs.  She would like to display pictures, video, and notecards/signs with facts about these organizations.

NickiMonroe LisaWhy were Africans chosen as slaves?

Build an interactive map with different areas of Africa, how those areas of Africa were manipulated to engage in the slave trade.  This student will work on one area of Africa.  Future students can contribute to this project. (continuing project)  She can use a covered or outdoor parcel.

Sovannah Brianna–Rastafarianism

Create statue of Bob Marley with information about Rastafarianism in garden space around statue. This project requires an outdoor space.

Jai Actor –Fabrics in the Caribbean

She would like to explore the differences in fabric styles that originate in the Caribbean islands:  Tie-Dye, Batik, and Prints.  She plans to use mannequins—and would appreciate any we have available for her to use.  She needs either an area in the Fashion History Museum, or a covered display space.

Milan LittleBootsHip Hop in America

She would like to explore the roots of hip-hop music.  This will include pictures of famous hip-hop artists, examples of the use of beat-boxing, and the history of the movement.  She needs a covered display area.

Idris Lyvette —Mosque to describe differences in Islamic traditions

She would like to build a small mosque in an outdoor lot to show different aspects of Islamic religion—differences between various streams of Islam, black Islam, etc.  This would be an ongoing project, with room for future students to add to this project.  She needs an outdoor space where she can build a small mosque.

Aujualeek ZeitmanRepeating trends in fashion

She would like to use ten mannequins to show how fashion repeats its themes through the decades.  Each mannequin will represent a decade in the 20th century, with tags to show the repeating themes.  She would love a space in the fashion history museum.

Frezzle Avindar—Duluth Lynchings

Would like to build a jail cell to show where the victims were kept and what happened in the lychings.  Would love to build some “ghost” avatars (3) to tell the stories of the lynchings.  This student will begin the project, and invites future students to contribute.  She would like a space in the “spooky castle building.”

Camisha EmorHBCU–Sororities (Delta Sigma Theta)

She would like to build a small sorority/fraternity house which will be furnished with items pertaining to black sorority/fraternity life and history.  This is an ongoing project, which future students may help furnish with significant items from different black sororities/fraternities.  She requires an outdoor space with room to put a small house.

[m1]These projects are linked.


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