Spring Break Destinations!!

Here are some places that my high tech students should visit during Spring Break to get some ideas about your project in Second Life.  These were compiled by Dr. Flowers for the use of WISE students.

Below you will find SLURLS (second life locations).

Have fun!!


Compiled by Dr. Flowers

The history sites in this batch are particularly relevant for us, since they represent three periods from CHIS 202WS. I’ve attached a separate Word file if you’d like to distribute the list to students.

Apollo 11 Landing Site. This Elon University “construction zone for science and math education projects” offers absolutely no information about the landing site or mission. But the combination of the moon’s surface color and texture; the black, star-studded sky; and the color scheme of the space module make the site itself beautiful and worth seeing for design ideas. Also, it’s an excellent example of how a small space can accommodate a project about a complex subject. Building allowed.

Etopia Eco Village. This sim’s compact parcels, devoted to socially and environmentally sustainable living, offer great models for multimedia projects which can easily be built in a small space. The several ways of getting around and seeing the island’s varied projects include an eco-train (my term) which stops at several stations so you don’t have to stay for the entire ride. Be sure to stop at the Pavilion and try out some of the many dances. Although many of them look alike, the numerous dances suggest a small project on social dance through the ages. While creating dance moves would require lots of scripting, the project could make an excellent team study for either history or sociology, especially with a team which includes a computer science major who is or will be studying scripting. Sandbox available.

The Mayflower. It’s hard to get around in the ship and there isn’t much to see on deck or below. However, the idea of it does make one think about creating La Amistad in Second Life, )verdad? Plymouth Settlement, also on this sim, isn’t visible from the ship unless you happen to be looking for it. TP on over to see the family house and the “Meeting House and Fort” for ideas on replicating historical structures in small spaces. Forget the hayride unless you just want to cuddle with another avatar. You can see more and better by walking.

The Wall: Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Washington D.C.’s famous cherry blossoms may be in bloom and a 1960s song about the war may be playing when you arrive, along with a recitation of the names of the dead. You’re allowed to fly on this sim, but the tone is so somber and respectful that you won’t want to. With the right camera settings, you can actually read the names on the wall. Easily operated directories enable searches and teleports to the wall segment containing the name of whoever the visitor is trying to locate. A microcosmic version of something of this kind can be started on adjoining parcels, thereby facilitating team projects.

Western Front. This Oxford University sim uses a World War I training camp to present an effective interactive, multi-media collection of written, audio, and video items from the World War I era (1914-18). Though it’s not mandatory, the sim owners ask that visitors wear one of the free soldier’s or nurse’s uniforms (which you can keep) in order to “respect the region’s atmosphere and the experience of other participants.” Also, try the environmental setting suggested on the sign at the landing point. In doing so, you’ll learn how to use one of the tools that make Second Life such a rich experience.


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