Is Your Avatar Here??

If your Avatar is not on this list, please e-mail Dr. K to let her know your Avatar’s name so you have permission to be on WISE island.

Blackchinadoll Aquilla    

Nickimonroe Lisa

Aujualeek Zeitman

Idris Lyvette

Bilal Wonder

BG Baily

BarbieElle Melody

Anngoul Arabello

Amel Delwood

Camisha Emor

Monique Houley

Milan Littleboots

Jai Actor 

Imani Avon

Nani Littleboots

Jahmi Jinx

Sunshine Pootawn         

Frizzle Avindar  

Kaishla Lexington

King Oysternatz

Kevlo Genesis

Lorin Monday

Danyella Heckelberry

Asaph Pinden

PricessQueen Fairport

Ramondria Irelund         

Chantel Magnifico

Malia Azalee

Paige Seljan       

Tre Ruby


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