Information I Sent About Portfolio Assignment


This is the information I sent out in the e-mail to you about how to set up your portfolio.  Please make sure your portfolio/blogs are set up before you return to classes on December 2.

Dr. K

Establishing your Portfolio
I know that a lot of you started your Thanksgiving Break a bit early . . . So I though I had better let you know what we are working on in class.  I don’t want to get behind, as we have a lot to accomplish before the semester is over, and we have very little time.

All WISE classes require a final portfolio, and the WISE team has been searching for an appropriate place to host those portfolios this semester.  We were unhappy with the Portfolio options on WebCT, so we have decided to have you post your portfolios to

In order to do this, you should go to <> and establish a free blog.

After your address is confirmed through your e-mail, and you have established your blog, you want to begin by playing around with the appearance and the privacy level of your blog/portfolio for my class.

Login, using your new blog identity and password.

Go to your “dashboard” (you should see a link for this on the top left-hand side of your blog), and choose “appearance.”

Under “appearance,” choose “themes.”

When the themes come up, you will be shown a random set of 15 themes for your blog.  If you want a greater choice of themes, click on A-Z to see all available themes for your blog.

After you choose a theme, click the “Apply” button the the top right-hand side and then “view blog” from the button on the top center.

Now you are ready to start posting.  

Each paper that you wish to include in your portfolio should be a separate blog entry.  In addition, you can add pictures, media, and even videos to your blog.

Please play with the application so that, on Monday, I can answer any questions you may have about using the blog site for your portfolio.

Please see my blog for this class at <>

I hope this is helpful!


Dr. K

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