An Example of Chicago Manual of Style Research Paper and How To Upload a Paper in Word Formatting


Your research paper for this semester should be in Chicago Manual of Style format.  There is a helpful page showing a sample research paper in this format on the web.  Although the sample paper uses end notes rather than footnotes, you can get the general idea.  You will find the paper HERE

When you add your papers using the “New Post” button, please upload the paper in MS Word Format in order to preserve your footnotes/endnotes and other style. 

This is how you do that: 

  • Sign in to your blog. 
  • Click on the “New Post” button. 
  • Now, you will see a square where you can begin typing.  DON’T POST YOUR PAPER THERE!!! Instead, click on the little button that looks a bit like a keyboard (or some dots in a square).  That is the “show kitchen sink” BUTTON. 
  • After you click on the “show kitchen sink” button, a new row of buttons will show up on your menu screen. 
  • Click on the button that looks like a suitcase with a little “W” on it.  That is the “Upload from Word” button. 
  • Now, paste your paper into the box that appears on your screen. 

Let me know if you have difficulties with this!

Dr. K

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